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Ten Domineering Nigerian Headlines Of 2016

2016 was a rush, even though for some reason it came slow. Asides it’s speed, there were some fearing headlines that left her underwear in timeline of 2016.

For this list, We are focusing on notable people and certain trend that went viral on the internet news before our mobile eyes. Nothing particular on fashion trend and dance steps like Azonto and Shoki for they have a list on their own, soonest. And you won’t be seeing consistent breaking news one Housewives who got beaten or people who got mobbed, for those are just plain sad and deserve a list of their own. 

Shall we begin?

Here are top ten domineering Nigerian headlines of 2016 according to rotten potato. 

10.The Cucumber and the beauty queen


Image result for miss anambra video

If the controversial lesbian story involving former beauty queen Chidinma Okeke did not by any chance get to your door step, then you probably were not around in 2016. Where did you go?

This lady became famous over night and likely became the most talked about beauty queen in Nigeria history thanks to a scandalous sex tape involving her and another fellow beauty queen contestant who for some reason became irrelevant and of course a ‘cucumber’ that will forever have a long lasting effect on how Nigerians would see it.

She received backlashes from the general public and great support as well with the hash tag #istandwithcucumber. While some said she should be jailed others had compassion on her for the thought she was being tricked and somehow pressured into sticking the cucumber in her private area, with all pleasure.

With more compassion for the cucumber than any other thing this story would be significantly remembered for it vegetative contribution in the sexual lives of, let me say, certain kinds of special women.


 9.  Nigeria VS Ghana Jollof Rice

Image result for nigeria vs ghana jollof

You would wonder what came over some Ghanaians and Nigerians that led them into trolling over whose Jollof rice was better. I don’t really remember the origin of this online brawling but it quickly escalated to something that united these two countries in a dissing division. Just to graphically explain how a jollof rice tasted differently from the other, they went all in. Here are some of my non biased meme for Ghana Vs Nigeria Jollof rice.

Image result for ghana vs nigeria jollof Related image


8.  Hip TV The Headies 2015/2016 (Olamide Vs Don Jazzy)

Image result for olamide vs don jazzyImage result for olamide vs don jazzy

2016 was opened with the biggest feud of Nigeria entertainment industry, with two biggest music CEOs digging it out for their babies. This was practically the time where ‘the headies award’ still had some worth left on its prestige.

It started off with Reekado Banks winning “NEXT RATED ARTISTE” over much acclaimed Lil Kesh whose songs was a hit back to back, except the people voted someone whose lyrics was pretty much easily understood back to back as the Next Rated Category was based on public vote. Then Olamide, the daddy of lil kesh at the time took to the stage to address his disapproval of Reekado winning Next Rated and then cursing, smashing microphone and then walking off stage showing the middle finger to the viewers at home. What followed was was Don jazzy using his best producer win moment to express his resentment on olamides attitude towards his own sons win asking him to come take the car… as if that was not enough, it was a total explosion on twitter and every news network, with fans taking sides and even taking it personal. Pheeew!! 

This is one headline that sure did dirt on the timeline of 2016

 7.  Tiwa Savage Scandal

Tiwa, Tiwa, Tiwa.

More than her music and her snub from major award acclamation, her marriage like the twin tower crumbled before our very eyes over an Instagram post. Damn!!!

If this headline didn’t make it to the screen of your internet connected phone then you should probably get a wifi. Or better still, get a good network.

Image result for tiwa savage scandal


6. Buhari (Princess of Change) 

This was bound to make it on the list, by fire by force.

If this man didn’t make headlines in your mobile phone, he sure had a great effect on your bank account and off course your ration to a plate of rice.

Considered the Princess of “change” and the queen of “Traveling” by rotten potato, This is one man that will continue to frustrate a better half of Nigeria for the next two years… So whether you like it or not,  he’s here to stay, even in our headlines. 

Also, he contributed to the relevance of our next headline.

Image result for buhari


5.  MMM Nigeria


Image result for mmm nigeria

If you haven’t heard of MMM then you probably didn’t do much existing in 2016. This shit was almost as popular as Jesus, and more evangelized than the bible itself. I mean, what do you expect when a president chose to starve half of his country? The people gotta find a way.

And so it gave rise to a lot of other networking schemes, most notable and relevant, Ultimate Cycler and E-cooperative. 

 4.  Trump

I have nothing much to say that hasn’t already been said about this man. This is probably the man of 2016. World Wide. If you didn’t see him on any of your headlines in 2016, you probably wasn’t alive in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

America. Goodluck. Welcome to our world.

Image result for trump




Image result for bobrisky

At the mention of thy name every skin must bleach!!!

With an imaginary bae and a hand full of haters along with millions in his bank account, this female son did a good job in taunting a large number of homophobes in the country, gracing nearly every entertainment headlines across the internet. Hate him or love him, you definitely clicked when the post came up. Long Live BobBleachsky. Our very own Nigerian Barbie Doll.


2.  Mark Zukkerberg unannonced visit to Nigeria

Did you hear about this in 2016? If you didn’t then bye! I have nothing to say to you.

Well, incase you didn’t know, the man wey get facebook and instagram and whatsapp come Nigeria unannounced twice  and it was everywhere within seconds.No body guard,  no noise. Plain simple. 

First he came to see how we were doing technologically and also came again to see the president. 

This would go down to be Buharis greatest achievement. 

Image result for Zuckerberg in nigeria


1. Emmanuella Mark angel

Give it up for the queen of 2016.

Image result for emmanuella mark angel australia

I may have called her overrated at some point, well, i’m not taking that back. I still feel she isn’t all that funny but i can’t deny shes adorable and very lucky to have an uncle like Mark Angel, who by the way is the funny one. Still this little girl by the young age of 10 or what was undenyably the queen of headlines 2016. She practically forced her way into our lives with her good lines and tremendous performance in the mark angel comedy skits, she became the highest paid child performer in Nigeria, also most viewed youtube kid, along with an Australian award  and movie contract. Don’t expect to get over this face anytime soon because it’s not her real face.


Thanks for reading. 

Which was your favourite headline? And do you think we missed out on any headline that deserved to be on the top ten? 


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