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Ten Nigerian celebrities who owned 2016

Before 2016 gets old quick,  let’s pay homage to those celebrities of all works of art that owned the year 2016.

For this list we are focusing on celebrities who recorded significant added success prior to their previous years in their respective fields. We had over 20 celebrities from different arts of entertainments listed and we finally narrowed it down to ten.

Note that producers and directors are exempted from this list as we are only focusing the spotlight on the actual face in front of the works. And all success must be related to their works, so, we won’t be counting, celebrities who got married or gave birth or opened a saloon, we are simply going by the added divisions of their success relating to the entertainment they serve.

Once again this list cuts across the many field of entertainment and is totally based on significant added success prior to previous recorded ones.

Shall we begin?

10. Linda Ikeji (blogger)

Image result for linda ikeji social

If you didn’t already know her,  this is one woman who had conquered the world of blogging and has succeeded in making millions out of it. Her feued with pained celebrities like the likes of Wizkid and Funke Akindele in the past amongst others has really paid off, making her one of the most relevant female celebrities in the country. However,  it was not her dishing it all,  or first to report the news feature that lands her on our number 10 spot,  but her inability to stop!  In 2016 she maintained her spot for being the most bankable blogger and in addition to that she launched her social network.  Yes!  Linda Ikeji Social. How amazing is that?  Though haters gone hate,  but nothing changes the fact that this woman keeps going forward,  hopefully this year she lunches her own search engine.

 9.  Davidson Obennebo (Model)

Image result for Davidson elite model look winner

If you are into modeling and you don’t know the name or even the face, then be sure of what you are pursuing because I can assure you it’s not modeling. In previous years, like every teenager, this 20 years old native of Enugwu Ikewu of Anambara State chased a career in modeling,  virtually being successful and signed into Beth Model management in Nigeria and then earning himself a contract with top agencies in South Africa, walking major shows and posing for big designers even getting featured on one of CNN Inside Africa edition. As if that was not enough, out of the blues in 2016 he returns to compete for the most prestigious modeling competition in Nigeria “Elite Model look Nigeria” where he single handedly emerged the winner taking to bank over a whooping sum of 1 million naira, almost five times as much as regular models earn in a year. Like that didn’t make for something  he went on to compete against the rest of the world for the title of Elite model look world, where he made history(s) as the first Nigeria in 50 years, the first African in 50 years,  and the first person of color to emerge winner of the world most prestigious modeling competition in the world, with a modeling contract of over 50,000 euros. Yes! FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS. You convert that to naira and tell me why he didn’t deserve to be on this list.  If 2016 wasn’t Davidson year, I wonder whose year it was.

 8.  Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (Novelist/Journalist)

Image result for seasons of crimson blossoms winner

Stealing the spot from Toke Makinwa, this writer/ journalist is almost nearly a fresh face,  except he isn’t.  In previous years he had dominated the world of journalism,  maybe on a low key,  I mean how many journalist can you think of in a second? Exactly. He debuted his short story collection in 2013 which was long-listed in Etisalat Prize for Literature in 2014 and shortlisted for Cain prize for African Writing. He went on to win a BBC Performance Prize and was a judge in the Writivism short story prize however, he managed to grab the whole of 2016 in his palm with his first ever Novel “Seasons Of Crimson Blossom” which was shortlisted for Nigeria Prize for Literature (Africa largest literary prize)  and by October he was announced the winner of $100,000. Let me take that again,  this time in words.  “One hundred thousand US dollars”

Convert that to naira and tell me why he didn’t deserve to be on this list.

 7.  Adesua Itomi  (Actress)

Image result for adesua etomi amvca

Adesua! Adesua! Adesua!

If this is not Nollywood woman of the year,  I wonder who is.  She opened this year winning the critically acclaimed AMVCA for best actress in a leading role beating out the likes of Genevieve Nnaji and Nse Ikpe Etim. She didn’t stop there,  going on to feature in 3 major budget movies, two of which got official selection in the Toronto international film festival. And all three movies hitting the banks of the Cinema nation wide.

The Arbitration, The wedding Party, and Ayamma.

Wow!!!  And as if that was not enough she got the contract to Host the  most  prestigious music award “the headies 2016” along side multi talented entertainer Falz.

And as if that was not satisfying enough she seals it all with another AMVCA Best Actress nomination for her work in The Arbitration for 2017.

I call this the Ultimate ReCycle of success.

6.  Kiss Daniel (Artiste)

Image result for kiss daniel award 2016

Likely the most unstoppable celebrity of 2016 this  22 years old pop sensation did not spare 2016.  In 2014 he was a total explosion of success being one of the most notable break out star with his hit song Woju. The following year 2015, wasn’t so much of a good year for him though, considering he had barely 1000 followers on Facebook added to his enormous loss at the headies award that seemed to have left him speechless and weak, and to top it all, he lost his father . Damn!!! This is definitely enough loss to reconsider taking another turn in life or even going off completely but no, nothing could knock this boy down because he didn’t stop.

Unlike some artiste who needs numerous songs at a stretch to stay on top, Kiss Daniel needed just one song and an album to dominate the whole of 2016. With his hit song “Mama” receiving massive air plays and its music video getting critical acclamation, along with over 90,000 followers on Facebook and over a million followers on Instagram it’s hard to deny Kiss Daniel the title “Man of the year.”

As if that was not enough, he dominated the 2016 Headies award winning top prizes, for his album “New Era” and song “Mama”. He was also listed as among the highest paid performers of 2016,  from 500k in 2015 to a whooping 3m to perform in a show in 2016.

WOW!!! Just Wow!!! Talk Way to go Kiss.



  5. Emmanuella (Comedian/Internet Sensation)

Image result for emmanuella youtube award

This name is taken! As far as the Nigerian entertainment industry is concerned there is only one Emmanuella.

After being discovered by her cousin Mark Angel she went on to star in his comedy skit video and just like that she took the world by storm. In just the peak of 2014 and 2015 this 6 years old became the youngest celebrity in Africa, and likely the most watch kid on the internet. In 2016, she bagged lots of award and made Mark Angels Comedy a house hold name. In between being an ambassador for children peak milk and booking stand ups comedy show, she was also awarded “Princess Of Comedy” by the Autrailian music and comedy award, an International Award with famous Hollywood recipient like Vivica A Fox  amongst others. WOW.

As if that was not enough she recieved a Youtube award and to top it all, she got a special invite to the home of Africas Richest man Aliko Dangote. WOW!!! That’ts like the white house of Nigeria.

  4.  Tiwa Savage (Artiste)

Image result for tiwa savage roc nation

Tiwa Tiwa Tiwa. I don’t know how she did it, but she just did it. From her marriage controversy to her loosing so many award nominations its still surprising how she managed to rule the year 2016. Now this is how you win by loosing.

In previous years Tiwa Savage virtually was the only relevant female Artiste in Nigeria, recording multiple hits and ruling as the Queen of Mavins Record and just having one of the biggest fan base in Nigeria.

Her 30million naira endorsement deal with MTN, along side deals with Pepsi and Maggi , did not exactly belittle her achievements in 2016 despite all odds. Getting a renewed deal with pampers, multiple show bookings and as if that’s not enough she gets signed into Jay Zs Roc Nation record lebel. Hmmm… Talk about getting up when you fall. And as if that was not enough, she was spotted with her husband as it seem that there is hope that she might be getting her marriage back on track. I wonder who is having the last laugh now.

Go Tiwa. You are the true definition of unstoppable!

  3.  Yemi Alade (Artiste)

Image result for Yemi Alade mtv award

Yemi Alade is one musically unstoppable artiste, dropping songs upon songs even to the point of a handfull of then sounds alike, but still this is one Rihanna than won’t stop singing.

In 2013 she took Nigeria air plays by storm with her ’till this day’ biggest hit “Johnny” receiving massive airplay and critical acclamation’s and up till now she hadn’t given it a pause, dropping singles upon singles releasing music videos like oxygen its hard to say which year was her year exactly because the last four years had all been her year , but 2016 was just the top of it.

In previous years she had pretty much lost a hand full of deserving awards that she herself admitted made her feel worthless but by the start of 2016 winning, Best female at the headies, the awards didn’t seem to stop too, as she continued with numerous awards, winning best female twice consecutively at the MTV African Music Award, Sound city awards and hand full of them.

As if that was not enough she had the highest topping singles in 2016. With over 6 songs on the Nigeria music charts and follow up music videos as well. I don’t know, but if 2016 wasn’t Yemi Alades year i wonder whose year it was.

  2.  Tekno (Artiste)

Image result for tekno miles award

Tekno is the definition of “OWNING”

Apparently like the others on the list, he didn’t need much to own the year all he had to do was just resurface as if he ever left to a point even some of us thought he was a new artiste. Now that’s how you stay at the top by being new every single year.

In recent years Tekno miles have been in the industry and has established himself making a name and just probably taking a rest when all of a sudden he struck harder than the last  with hit songs like “Duro” and “Pana” becoming the most digital artiste of 2016, going on to win best new act in the international arena and ironically turning down best new act in his own country because he isn’t new here.

Tekno became fans favourite and also dominated the social media network with his viral cassava and photos and unusual Instagram videos and posts. He was one Artist that took 2016 by the hands.


  1.  WizKid (Artiste)

Image result for wizkid awards 2016

I’m sure you guessed right. Yes Wiz Kid remains the king owner of 2016. I don’t even know where to start from.

Lets just skip to his notable achievements that landed him on our number on spot because ‘If i start to talk’ of all his previous years, we may never finish on time to work on the next list.

Everything International brought 2016 to his door step. Wiz kid practically owned 2016 like a pet lion. From touring with Chris Brown to winning best male in almost all award ceremony and earning a number one song with Drake (one dance) on billboard for 10 weeks (something I doubt Beyonce had done)  it’s hard not to say 2016 was wizkid year. Not to mention, he is the highest paid musician of 2016. As if all that was not enough, he happens to be the grand master of one of the biggest upcoming stars of 2016 Mr Eazi.


Well, thanks for viewing.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the list. Is there celebrity of any field that didn’t deserve to be here? Or is there anyone that deserved to be here but isn’t? Let us know in your Facebook comment.



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