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Ten Good Hollywood Movies and Personal Reasons To Hate Them. 

Hollywood as we know it is made up of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the entire science of putting out a motion picture. Though there are certain bad that may come off good and certain ugly that may appear beautiful, however for this particular list we are focusing on ten good movies with reasons to dislike it.

Note that these movies are all successful, award winning movies, so the comments and opinions are just based on personal opinions nothing more.

No spoilers. So feel free.

Shall we begin?

10.  Silver Lining Playbook (2012)

Might be an Oscar winning movie but for some reason, this might just be a waste of time. Maybe because of Jenifer Lawrence overrated performance or maybe it was just me. Ok. I know what it is. I actually saw the movie after seeing her win the award for best actress only to be disappointed. Don’t get me  before my application to be born was accepted. However, kids who loved the cartoon would also enjoy it. I just didn’t.

9.    12 years a  slave (2013)

Image result for 12 years a slave patsey and epps

I guess I just hate white supremacy themed movies in general, nonetheless this movie was a good one. It went on to win Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress at the Academy awards. However, I guess as a black person myself it was almost uncomfortable and sad to watch, not satisfying in anyway just plain sad and I hated more on the fact that this probably is the kind of movies the Academy awards love to nominate for black people, you know movies where white supremacy is top notch, like that of Django Unchained that should have made it on the list, but I refused to see it and also The Help where black women playing helps to white women were top notch.

7.    The Silence Of The Lamb (1991)

Image result for silence of the lambs

I think Hollywood has a way of over hyping some of their movies to make them seem spectacular and off the earth and then when you finally get to see it, it s like, “Ok? So?”

Well, this might be Hollywood most talked about movie. Sweeping off the top 5 categories at the Oscar in 1992, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and blablabla… Funny enough, it’s not a bad movie but I just don’t get it, why? Why is this movie so special? Well, to be fair, it did come out in 1991  few year before i was considered t be born, so I just love to assume it was the best at the time and there were no betteir option because left for me, this movie is just one of those movies you see once and get done with it.

6.    All the X-Men movies with Jenifer Lawrence in it.

Image result for x men jennifer lawrence poster

I’m not really a major lover of SciFi fantasy movies but there is one exception. The X- Men movies. There are almost 11 X- Men movies now with The Last Stand being my favourite, every other one that followed actually fell off my shelf especially the ones with Jenifer Lawrence being cast as Mystique, one of the most Iconic characters of the X-men team.

I know this may come up hateful on Jenifer Lawrence  considering the fact this is the second time shes appearing on this list but, it’s really not. She is a good actress, I loved her in American Hustle and, hummmm… well, i guess just American hustle. She is good looking too and very bankable and also, people like her, so you see, there are nice thins i can say about her, but to be honest, amongst all her good and bad,  she was a terrible choice for the role of Mystique in the X men series, she gave a good dramatic performance but no, no, just no. Compared to Rebecca Romijn portrayal of Mystique, sexy, feisty, and dangerous with a mix of beauty and class, Jenifer Lawrence brought her Silver Linning playbook under the bed sheet life to the character Mystique causing me to cling every time her scene comes on.

5.   Birth Of A Nation 2016

Image result for birth of a nation HD

Just another slave movie. Forget the rape scandal controversies that followed Nate Parker during the era of this movie, its a good movie to see. Almost similar to 12 years a slave but a little more satisfying, well not exactly satisfying but, there were some satisfying scenes to console yourself with. Even though, it still takes you back to where it picked you up from. Just when you think we were winning, it turns out we weren’t. Why make a victorious slave movie where they weren’t so victorious in the end?  Historically marked, but generally irrelevant i think i will rather just see 12 years a slave again, at least they didn’t take me for a ride.

4.   All the Twilight movie except the last one.

Image result for twilight movie


Well, interestingly written and beautifully filmed but still. What? I’m not very sure, maybe its the off screen buzz that made me dislike this movie or the unnecessary buzz and chant that got me shaking my head. The first three movie was just a slow ride, it felt like episodes of television drama series.  However the breaking dawn was a good feel especially the last fight that didn’t happen.

3.    Gone girl (2014)

Image result for gone girl

This is one good movie I still need an oral explanation to after seeing it a few times. I don’t get. They simply just made a small thing look big. Too much tensed effect for what? A lady leaving her husband?  The entire story of this movie could easily be played out like a regular classic movie but they decided to take the high road making it look like there was more to it than it appeared. Trust me, everything is just exactly as it seems in this movie, forget the over use of cinematic intense scores that will make it look as if a bomb is about to drop,  they are just playing with your feelings. In the end you might just ask yourself, “What did I just watch?”


2.  Hunger Games

Image result for hunger games

Another Jenifer Lawrence movie? I know, but his isn’t about her, the movie as a whole is crap. Good film to watch, bankable cast, and then what? Highly forgettable and I don’t even know why people like this movie. The entire movie is meaningless. It’s just one of those movies that forces their way into peoples lives. “You must watch me!” “You must love me!”  Is it by force?  This is one movie that constantly reminds me how Hollywood waste money on forcefully trash, like the Zoo Lander 2

1.     Titanic (1997)

Image result for titanic movie

Basically the movie of the century according to whoever. Good movie though along with great performance, but my deal with this movie is the story.

If ever I decide to compile a list of annoying movies, best be sure to see this on the top five.

What is wrong with Rose? After Jack manages to get her on a life boat with the other women and children who survived in the end by the way, the little nit wit ran back to be with Jack in the name of love, but only frustrating his effort to fend for himself. Maybe if she had left with the other women, Jack would have been the one laying on the platform and hopefully meet her at the other side. But the witch wouldn’t think with her peanut sized brain. ‘She loved him’ they would say, but why didn’t she join him and die? Why didn’t she sacrifice the platform for Jack? Jack is just plain stupid. Left for me I would push the bitch off the plat form an lay there till i get rescued.

This whole love story is a pile of stupidity.

Image result for titanic movie platform


Do you agree with this list?  Tell us what you think in the comments sections.


One thought on “Ten Good Hollywood Movies and Personal Reasons To Hate Them. 

  1. *coughs*.

    *coughs yet again*
    I’m glad this is your personal opinion…i’ll agree with you on every white supremacist movie! Hell that s*** is torture to watch.
    JLaw no lie is indeed overrated! She really is easily forgettable. But Titanic tho’? That’s the only movie that ever made my hard heart soft to the point of tears. Yes I frigging cried. Lol

    But then well reviewed.


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