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Ten African Celebrities you probably don’t want to meet in person. 

For this list we are focusing on celebrities who have been known to be mean in person or even go as far as getting physical for no just cause. We will be exempting strickly social media rants only including them when its actually accompanied by real life mishaps,  so you won’t be seeing the likes of Ghanian Juliet Ibrahim and virtually all female South African celebrities because they are mostly social media ranters. 

Shall we? 

10.  Chioma Chukuka Akpota

Nollywood one time leading lady,  though still relevant in the craft,  she’s also known to be very mean to upcoming actors and actresses.  Considering the fact she does mostly midium budget movies that features new faces, she has been complained about by some of these new faces to be mean and down looking on them, always squeezing her face and even refusing to associate with them off camera. 

So upcoming actors, beware! 

 9.  Mz Bel

The only Ghanaian to make it on our list. And likely the only one to admit being nasty of all of them.  Popularly known for her song “I be sixteen years,  I go dey be like this o,  if you touch my thing o….”

Well, we know how that ended for her. 

Known to be low key shady and a diva,  this Ghanaian pop Queen lands on our number 9 spot after admitting on radio television that she has been arrested before. For what reason?  

For being mean to the cops. After being pulled over by the police for regular checks,  she went all diva on them,  giving the hands and attitude probably reminding them who she was. Do you know who I am?

“What happened next? ” the interviewer asked. 

“They locked me up.” She said. 

If you have the power to lock her up, then go on. 

 8.   Olamide

You can’t be raised by the streets and not be a mean nasty somebody, especially when you are famous and cashing in. 

Olamide might have so many awards and hit songs which even contains nasty lyrics and curse words but the major reason this Nigerian king of the street is on this list is his 2015/2016 depiction of what it means to be nasty and outright mean. Cursing on live television after insinuating a fellow musician didn’t deserve an award, In addition to smashing a microphone and giving the middle finger to over a million viewers at home it’s no surprise why this king of hip-hop is on the list.

As if that’s not enough,  he has been known to be mean to background dancers and production crew. In 2016 he fired a handful of dancers after months of rehearsals just seconds before climbing the stage. 

Talk about mean!!!! 
 7.  Eedris Abdulkareem

Naija ancient King of mean.

He’s probably not relevant this days, nonetheless he has made name for himself revolutionalisng music and paving way for a lot of modern day artist. “Before Olamide Eedris Abdulkareem was.” The good bad thing about Eedris is his ability to pick a the perfect fight, he never goes for the small ones or his mate, always aiming for big ones. During his time,  let’s take that again,  when he was still relevant,  he picked fight with American superstar 50 cent in an airport which was rumored to have gotten physical over a seat and then went on to call out the then president Olusegun Obasanjo over bad governance and state of the country who by the way didn’t take any of that. 

Don’t worry,  it seem like Eedris only picks fight with people twice   his size and twice his relevance, so he might just be nice to you. 

 6.  Genevieve Nnaji

The Queen mother of Nollywood. Don’t fall for the pretty face,  she’s not as sweet as she looks. 

She’s known to be bossy and controlling on set. Selecting only leading roles and demanding excessive high pay,  she was even one time banned from acting in Nollywood because of her nastiness. And when she returned to work again,  it didn’t get better,  she continued demanding high pay and even sometimes told the directors and other actors how to do their jobs, because for some reason she knows it all. Yes. She even told the almighty Mercy Johnson “you did not do it well,  this how you should have done it.” What?  Genevieve teaching Mercy Johnson how to act? Girl, don’t make us make that list of best actresses.  

As if that’s not enough,  she is known for not taking photos with fans or even staying long enough in an event she was probably paid to attend. 

Like that one no do,  she evidently called a fellow actor (Van Vicker) unprofessional and said “He cannot act.”

Wow!!! Talk about nasty!!! 

 5.  Wiz kid

This Afro pop Prince is one nasty fellow you probably don’t want to meet in person. Known for being disrespectful and ungentle, this is one star boy you want to avoid in person. Refered to as Linda Ikejis nemesis and a fuel adder to popular social media disses even going as far as getting physical with fellow artists Dammy krane in 2016 causing him to bleed from his head, you would think twice before meeting this hot headed snub who closed the year 2016 with what will go down to be the biggest snub in Nigerian television. Bluntantly turning down an open arms for a closed one for some mean boy reasons. 

So in case you still want to see him,  think twice before stretching for a hand shake or even a hug. 

 4.  Tiwa Savage

Tiwa appears to be a sweetheart on screen, you can’t help but fall for her innocence and soft voice but this is one good chick you don’t want to mess with in public. 

Known for assaulting a police man in 2014 and taking off his barrete all because she was not treated like the queen of England. 

As if that’s not enough she also picked a fight with a staff member of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company in an airport on her way to the BET experience,  right about the same year as the police, also for the fact she was not treated like a queen. 

Be sure the only way to get with this pop princess is by bowing down otherwise your wig might just be the next thing she’s pulling out. 

3. Tonto Dike 

This is one popular Nigerian actress that took the industry by the horns with her fair beauty and amazing talent it’s hard but you got to believe big packages comes with a big baggage.

Like she has told you in one of her hit song,  “when you see me passing bye don’t be scared to say hi… “

Apparently she knows there’s a reason to be scared to say hi. 

She’s known to be rude to fans,  and fellow cast mates. Also known to showing up late to set and even turning every body to her servant on set. Flirty and busybody,  you don’t want to mistake that for jovial. 

She also had a blow out with fellow actor Van Vicker who tried to caution her on her smoking habit during rehearsals,  and trust me this ikewerre girl didn’t take it lightly. she went all in on Van, probably making him regret even taking up the job of acting. 

So make sure you meet her up in a good time,  and don’t bring up her smoking issue, or you might be the one regretting next

 2.  Vuyo Dabula

This is one of South Africas finest actors. You must have seen him in the movie,  Mandela long walk to freedom, and popular South African soap opera Generations,  but you might want to think four times before meeting him for an autograph,  known to be blunt and straight shooting,  this mean boy made it clear he doesn’t get paid for taking photos with fans or greeting them,  his celebritiness ends once the camera stops rolling. 

It gets worse.

 If at all you want to take a photo with him,  best be sure to have your bath with disinfectant and soak your soul in a pool of candy scented perfume or this bad boy will be calling you out there and then, as he had done in the past telling a female fan who crazily wanted to take a photo with him to consider having her bath before coming to take photos with him. 

Jesus!!! Kuku kill me oooo!!!

  1.  Aka (and a little bit of Burna boy)

If there is anyone mean in this world. This South African rapper is definitely the one. 

Known for cursing out fans and threatening to break their phones if they added him on snap chat. To being rude to production members and crew members.

He’s the Kanye West with a mix of Christ Brown and Tu pac of African entertainment. A bad combination I must say. 

One of his notable altercation would running over a man with his car, having his gang which coincidentally includes Burna boy beating up the man,  molesting him,  bashing his car and seizing his car keys all for the fact that the man overtook them. 


Well,  you better be sure to stand behind whenever you are going to meet this rapper, don’t even think of overtaking him or your car keys will be next. Or even your legs.

Do you agree with our list?  Or was there anyone we missed?  Feel free to let us know. 


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