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5 Hollywood stars you probably didn’t know are Nigerians. 

Hollywood is known for it struggle with diversity, with a hand full of African american actors in the industry its hard not to think that some of them are Nigerians.

Well,  for this list we exempted the obvious ones like that of Uzo Aduba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Oyelowo as you already know and went for the ones that there is a 50% chance you didn’t know was NIgerian.


Shall we?

WARNING: You might want to stick your google around for this, because we are not giving too much details.

5.  Flash  (Keiynan Lonsdale)

Image result for keiynan lonsdale flashImage result for keiynan lonsdale flash

The boy who plays Kid flash in the CW series THE FLASH and also appeares in the Divergent series.

Benin boy. From Edo state.

4.  Twilight –  Judi Shekoni

Image result for judi shekoni twilight

Also a super model. Yoruba Girl from  Ondo State.

3.  (Jupiter Ascending) Nikki Amuka-Bird

Image result for nikki amuka-bird jupiter ascending

Nigerian born British actress. Warri girl from Delta state

2.  Olivia Pope – Kerry Washington 

Image result for olivia pope

Nigerian wife to  Nnamdi Asumugha  from Abia State Umuanya Ogbodiukwu Umuopara. With children’s name Kelechi and Amarachi.


1.  Lord Of The Rings –  Hugo Weaving

Image result for hugo weaving lord of the rings

Agent Smith in the Matrix and Red Skull in Captain America was born in Ibadan state.  Nigeria.


Was there anyone that surprised you?

Be honest, how many did you already know?


Let us know in the comment and you can also like our page below.


3 thoughts on “5 Hollywood stars you probably didn’t know are Nigerians. 

  1. Lol okay number 1 didn’t surprise me I already knew that one…3,4,5 all amazed me…but number 2 has got me confused tho’.
    Uhm Kerry’s married to Nnamdi who is the Nigerian…are you saying she is a Nigerian because she is married to a Nigerian man or is she actually a Nigerian?


  2. Number one ooo. Jesus, who on earth would have known. And if u see am dey act film he be like say he no know where Africa dey! Its pretty much an amazing list.


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