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5 Nigerian celebrities gay trolled by the media.

Fame is good,  but there is a little price that comes along with it, which may include leaving a crack on you image, shape shifting your reflection, being all about your private life and even destroying your long time friendship.

These are 5 celebrities hunted by gay trailers or in this case, trolls.

For this list, we are exempting glitters and sunshine, that is, those who clearly draw the trolls to their selves even making money off it. 

So you would not be seeing the likes of Denrele, Charlie Boy and Bobrisky.



5. Linda Ikeji and Chidinma Okeke

Image result for chidinma okeke and linda ikejiImage result for Linda Ikeji

One would wonder the link between Linda Ikeja and the case of the cucumber beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke. Your guess couldn’t be more wrong.

Linda Ikeji falls victim of gay speculations due to a very unusual fact that may come off really questionable. Asides for the fact she had not gotten married which had had the trolls speculating, it took a more open turn in 2016 when the case of Miss Anambara lesbian scandal went viral.

Bloggers and readers were quick to notice that almighty Linda Ikeji, the queen of breaking scandalous news and killing peoples career did not even make a post about it.  Not even one.  Not a follow up.  Not even a reference. This trolls held on this fact, concluding she was gay for not putting the news on her blog. 

I mean. Not to judge but the news of Chidinma was a hit,  why didn’t Linda Post about it?

To be fair..  Maybe she didn’t get it first hand and didn’t want to be the second as she is known to be the first,  or maybe she has a thing for the LGBT community of Nigeria,  or just maybe, just maybe… she just didn’t want to. Na by force?

4. Rita Dominic and Michelle Dede

Image result for Rita Dominic lesbian

If you have been following Nollywood in the past, you will agree with me that no one plays a lesbian role better than Rita Dominic.

Classically recall scenes with Rita Dominic and Bimbo Akintola and the ‘Girls Cot Movie’ Rita and Uche Jumbo,  well,  while we all admitted it was just good acting,  time came on by and the speculations began… Adding fuel to the fact that she hadn’t gotten married or publicly linked to anyone.

Then in 2015 it was speculated she was involved with a presenter Michelle Dede especially after posting a photo of them kissing and getting fuzzy and hanging out. Rita even tried to push the trolls away by posing with an engagement ring and saying she was just friends with Dede but these trolls really didn’t want to hear none of that. The friendship was soon affected and the trolls calmed down a bit.

3.  Ik Ogbonna by himself and a little bit of Alex Ekubo

Image result for Ik Ogbonna gay

As sad as it is, you can’t look like this and not be chased by the gay trolling organisation of Nigeria.

Ik Ogbonna is one actor that crept his way into the industry, but little did he know the consequences of looking pretty as a man in a typical African Industry.

It didn’t take long for the trolls to start coming for him once he stepped into the spot light… Targeting his western way of portraying swag.  Skinny jeans,  piercing and even hanging out with mostly male friends.

Things got worse in 2014 where he addressed the rumours in and interview defensively, saying they should point one man he had been involved with and he was straight, and bla-bla-bla.

It didn’t stop the trolls though they came for him attacking his friendship with one of the GTON (gay trolling organisation of nigeria) regular customer Alex Ekubo.

And so what do you do when the gay rumours wouldn’t stop coming????

Get married and have a child!

Image result for Ik Ogbonna married

Now the trolls can rest on your matter!!!

2.  Genevieve Nnaji and Chinny 

Image result for Genevieve and chinny lesbian

If you didn’t already know, well, now you know. With one classic lesbian movie to her career(SUPE) it really didn’t make matters easy after years of not getting married or being publicly involved. Even though there were enduring rumours of her and politicians, and other costars, it still didn’t scare off the trolls. Numerous rumours of her romantic involvement with Rita Dominic, Rukky Sanda, Oluchi Olandi but none came evidently as that of her and a millionaires daughter Chinny Onwugbenu. Taking trips together around the world, with numerous cozzy selfies and moments, even reportedly getting real close in a club smoking  shisha and getting high…. just what the trolls needed. And just like that they were all over her matter.

Lucky for Genevieve, she already has nothing to lose, lesbian or not when the movie comes out you know you still going to buy those tickets.

1.   Uti and Alex Ekubbo. 

Image result for Uti and alex ekubo

One of Nollywoods celebrity heart touching gay story. Likely the most successful the gay trolls has ever been since thier inception in 1909, destroying what seemed to be a true brotherly friendship.

After Utis big brother win he decided to help a friend out into the industry and just like that the long time friendship of he and Alex was attacked soon attacked by the trolls, calling them gay lovers, boyfriends and even as far as assuming they were married. Every attempt they made to debunk the rumors did not yield any fruit and so they decided to part ways. Sadly that really didn’t help matters, as Uti went on to have a special person we barely knew at the time and Alex going on to be friends with Yemi Alade (remember he appeared in her video), still the trolls wouldn’t let them be, calling them out to be faking and hiding under the shadows of these women.

Alex can’t be friends again with boys because they will come for him as they did to Ik Ogbonna and him.

And Uti is obviously in between special women we never get to know who they are.

Talk about frustration.


Well, that is all for this list.

Are there any celebrity being hunted by the Gay Trolling Organisation Of Nigeria?

Fell free to let us know what you think about this post. And you can also like our page below.


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