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(Tragic!!!) Death toll in South Africa rises by 90% of WTF!!! 

Never in our widest dreams would we have imagined that one day death would be a trend. 

From Ice bucket challenge to Jollof rice to Knock knock and now death pose. 

Yes death pose! 

People in Southafrica and across  are challenging each other to create or recreate the most unimaginable pose for dying. 

While our panel surfed the web for the craziness. Here are our ten best WTF death poses. 

Some don’t even know how to die. 


First. I don’t think anyone dies holding their suicide weapon with such grip.  Girl really need lectures on how to die.  😂.

Secondly where did she stab or cut? The blood seam to stop only around her neck, I guess she already lost enough blood before now.  In other words she was dead before she killed herself.

Pillow case and bed are really clean. 


From the look of things, he got shot or stabbed in his palm since that’s where the blood seem to have its vanishing point at.  

He died like a boss as his shirt said.


The cap said “no Sizwe Bansi, we in this together” 

And the necklace also seem to hold on while the neck falls apart.

Not enough blood as the shirt refused to get stained. 


Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the day would come when a broken car with no engine or tyres would kill someone. 


Boy you got some explaining to do. 


The trash died in her can. And somehow the can still stands still. 


What broke exactly? The car and the entire building section seem to be in good shape. 



Seems more like the tyre is the one injured. 

There’s not so much a parked car in a parking lot can do. 


Was she strucked with these weapons or were they dropped by her to find her killers in the after world ? I don’t get. 


Her spirit of hoeism lives on. 

 Hopefully she gets some d*** even in death. You go girl. You are my people. 


This is our winner.  I don’t even know what to say to this. 

Death pose to another level. This is how you die South Africa. 


Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make the list. 

Dog got to join in trend. Only dogs don’t die like this. 

The car doesn’t look dead to me. 

What ran u over girl?  A canoe? 

I don’t know if the cap is clipped to their scalp. But which grown boy gets hit to his death in a parking lot?

The block is just laying there.  Not broken.  I wonder how it killed him. 

Why is the trash bin looking like its coming to help her?

I think this is a Nigerian. I don’t know why.. I just have the feeling.  

Another dog dead, trapped in a food can.


Why their blood always small in quantity or Is that poop? 


Ok. Is it about to run him over?  Or it has already ran him over.  I don’t know why he’s dead though. 

Finally a cap went off!! 

Lol…  They died same place, after one another. 

They be like

“Girl it’s my turn to die,  come and hold the phone.”

Their legs on the floor. Must be painful. 

They threw a stone at her head,  but the mouth is the one bleeding. 

What do you think of this trend? 

Funny or just over the top? 


2 thoughts on “(Tragic!!!) Death toll in South Africa rises by 90% of WTF!!! 

  1. Okay I’m done! Like am just done. Laughed my eyes off, I guess. This is so hilarious nd ridiculous too. Anyway I call this entertainment of the month, cause we still have a long way into the year. Okay bye.


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