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Top 5 hilarious tweet to Mrz Eazi 

It takes a couple songs to build a music career but it can only take one tweet to tear it down. 

Mr Eazi probably didn’t see the reactions of the world coming when he gave credits to the Ghanaians for the art of Nigerian music. 

To be honest, yes!  Of course the diverse cultures of Africa  has contributed notably to all African music,  but when you put it in a way that seem to undermine a particular art,  you are only asking for trouble. 

To laugh it off!!!  Nigerians did not fail to fire back. After careful surfing of over a thousand tweets,  here are our top 5 favourite ones. 

Let’s laugh at it and just move on.  


5. Plea to the School Father

4.  The Project fame project 

  3. The moment of truth 

2. A very hard truth 

1. The future 

You think his controversial tweets would have any effect on his career?

Let us know what you think.  


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