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Titanic!!! Jack and Rose conspiracy theory that will change every you thought you knew. 

All most everyone have seen the movie “Titanic,” or is at least is aware of this popular image/argument.

This comes from the aftermath of  the ship sinking. Rose is floating on top of a giant piece of a wooden door, with Jack hanging off the side.

Image result for jack and rose floating door

The argument is that “There was room for two” on that door.
Now, I used to be part of those who would say “How could Rose be so selfish?” and other things, until I realized the truth:

Let me explain..


For a fact there was never any record of Jack Dawson being on board of the Titanic in reality, because every single member that boarded the ship had records of their existence, with names on a list before boarding,  you know,  like when you travel in a bus and you write your name and details down, except there was no Jack Dawson on the list. The movie would have you believe because he won the ticket in a card game that had someone else’s name, but he never even existed even as an individual or a person who walked the surface of the earth in reality. But lets come to the story itself.

Image result for jack titanic


Rose DeWitt Bukater was a young 17 year old girl on board the Titanic with her fiancee Caledon “Cal” Hockley and her mother Ruth, on their way back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so Rose and Cal could get married.

Image result for rose and cal and ruth


Rose did not really want to get married to Cal. Initially, yes, but as the date got closer, and they spent time alone on the Titanic, she grew to hate the idea and knew there was no way out of the marriage. Cal did not treat her the way she deserved, and she couldn’t do anything about it. Ultimately, she resolves to kill herself by jumping off of the Titanic, figuring this was her only way out, only to be miraculously saved by Jack.

Image result for rose saved by jack


Due to Rose’s vulnerable mental state, her brain created someone to help her, so she did not actually kill herself. She created the perfect guy. Someone who was just like her and nothing like her family. Someone with whom she could escape, to no longer feel trapped. Art was another one of her escapes to help her cope with the arranged marriage to Cal. This becomes apparent when we see them boarding the ship and the service men are carrying in all the paintings. But, Rose didn’t just love art, she was rather talented, too. Everything she did with Jack, she did alone, and everything Jack did was actually Rose doing it; including the drawing of herself naked.

Image result for jack sketches rose

How else could his timing have been so perfect? What were the chances of Jack winning a ticket, getting on the ship, finding her and saving her? Very slim, to impossible.
The reality is, Jack Dawson was never on board the Titanic to begin with.

Now, let’s get back to that floating door, shall we?
The door is CLEARLY large enough for two people.


Image result for rose saved by jack

Now, realistically, yes, the door would not have been able to stay buoyant for long enough to be rescued, had they both been on it. However, this is irrelevant, because she would have no reason to make room for an imaginary person. She didn’t even try. As well, when she lets go of Jack, he sinks.. despite the fact that EVERYONE ELSE AROUND them is floating, life vests or not. Jack was the only one who sank and disappeared entirely.

So, there you have it.
Jack Dawson was never actually ON the Titanic, and the movie is basically about a young 17 year old’s mental breakdown due to a forced marriage in the wake of a shipwreck who created an imaginary companion as a symbol of her inner strength to carry her through.

Even when the historians in real life confronted the Original Rose about the non existence of Jack on record on the ship or even a birth certificate or family relations,  her answer was a little obscure.

Image result for Old rose in titanic gif he exists only in my memory

Of course it would be a better love story if Jack really existed. But he was just an imaginary companion for 17 years old Rose. Don’t forget she was a child.


What did you think about this conspiracy theory?


One thought on “Titanic!!! Jack and Rose conspiracy theory that will change every you thought you knew. 

  1. You know I’ve never really thought of it but then it rings true in my head…his coming out from shabasha to save her is kinda unusual…you know people trying commit suicide almost always wish for someone to save them…it can’t be different with Rose.
    I kinda agree


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