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A Pornographic Expulsion!!!

In our blog meeting,  we followed a story of an ss2 government school students who is being expelled from school for the possession of pornographic materials.

At first it came off fair and deserving untill we got the full story. 

The whole drama started when this particular students came late and was asked to drop his bag and pick the fields only for his phone an Android, to ring to the hearing of a teacher who fetched out and then decided to siezed the phone. 

By right,  it is against the school rules for students to bring phones to school and if they did,  they are either punished lightly,  or the phone is siezed till the end of the day,  or at worse the end of the term. 

As the story dug deep,  it turned out the teachers and staff decided to go through the content of the phone where they saw a gallery of porn videos and that was how it was taken to the disciplinary committee of the school who have been forced to take actions on expelling the boy from school under the grounds of attributes of sexual deviance,  he might be rape oriented as judged by one of the pornographic video that had a theme of rape, and the fear of corrupting other students into such behaviours.  

So guys,  what do you think?  Is the expulsion justified?  

Or do you think the school crossed the line and should be sued for invasion of the boys privacy? 

Or do you think the boy was stupid and deserving of such punishments? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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