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Modern Family vs Black-ish? Which is the better tv show?

As a child growing up I hated sitcoms; what I felt were people basically making meaningless statements accompanied by outbursts of laughter from a laugh track or sometimes a live studio audience just didn’t cut it for me (the truth I realize now is that I was probably too dumb to get the jokes).

Then fast-forward a few years came the hit TV show Modern family

Which premiered on September 23, 2009, a show which revolves around the lives of three different types of families (Same-sex, Nuclear and multi-racial/step) starring Ed O’Niell as Jay Pritchett the patriarch of the family, his second wife Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara)  and the extended members of the family together, they made modern family the utterly hilarious sitcom it is today or was?
Then there is the other hit TV show Blackish,

Premiered on September 24, 2014. Centered on the life of an upper-middle-class African-American family and stars Anthony Anderson as Andre Johnson, his wife Dr. Rainbow Johnson (Tracie Ellis Ross) and their family of four children.

Now while both shows might be quite entertaining in their own ways, for the fun of it, I feel inclined to compare one with the other based solely on:



 Modern Family 

Yeah well the show started off pretty well; VERY well actually! The first season was met with rave reviews. An excellent cast and superb writers put the pedal to the metal but I feel like the show quickly ran out of gas.

After a while, it started to dawn on me that modern family is a show based on clichés and hyperbole for jokes!

Look at it; the absolutely clueless dad, the over bearing mom, dumb elder sister with a smart younger sister and then the dumb little brother…….that’s the Dunphy family. That’s like one of the most clichéd sitcom family setup! The plotlines are easily predictable the jokes are forced and exaggerated.


Also makes use of the same cliché family setup to an extent with some alterations. Hardworking sensible dad and mom, boy-crazy shallow minded entitled elder daughter, dumb oblivious second son, smart young daughter and a not so smart youngest son (damn smart boys are a sitcom endangered species).

The humor on the other hand is way more original and are derived naturally from the characters; they aren’t just inserted because they have to make the show funny!

The winner in this category: Black-ish


Modern Family 

Oh my gosh! This show hasn’t taught me sh*t! yeah while some might argue “well TV isn’t supposed to teach all the time it could be just for fun” that’s fine but hey these are sitcoms aimed for family viewing. That means tons of kids, pre-teens and teenagers are watching. It wouldn’t hurt to entertain while also trying to help shape their developing minds in some positive way.


Oh yes! That’s what I’m talking about!!! Before blackish I didn’t know what “mulatto” was (don’t give me that side eye, we learn everyday), the point is blackish informs.

The show has addressed diverse societal issues from politics to racism to LGBTQ+ and police brutality!

The winner in this category: black-ish

Need I say more?

Black-ish vs Modern Family?

And the winner for the better TV show is BLACK-ISH

Oh one more reason why Blackish wins over Modern Family? DIANE!

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