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A soft bumpy ride that crashes your soul into brick wall made out of wool. 

You rarely see a movie that gives you that relative feeling of a rare human connection. 

This coming of age drama is one that will soften your heart and leave you in a broken unforgiving cold dark. 

It doesn’t hit the nail on the head, it just gives you the hammer to do so yourself, which is why I love it. You will feel apart of this movie when you see it. 

Moonlight is deserving of its hype. Not a complicated story,  just a boys’ journey to finding himself in the most dysfunctional environment. And it can be close to impossible to archive your full potential when you are in a place that feels like you are drowning.  

What makes it different from its kind is the non dwelling of what seemed to be the main theme, which is the whole sexuality coming to terms ‘ish,  but instead, it focuses more on the effect of an environment in finding oneself and how changing it could go a long way in making life better for one. At least a little. 

 Ever felt like a place isn’t for you?  Ever felt like your environment or family or even country is slowing you down or not bringing the best of you?  And you feel like maybe if you relocated to a new place you would value life a lot better? Not in the most specific terms but this movie centers around it. 

But for this particular story, the main character looses a better part of his life in the place he left behind only to come back for it. And ends up in the arms of one of the reasons why he left in the first place. 

The performance is not exactly over hyped, just good actors making it look easy. 

As a big fan of Naomie Harris, this is one performance that really proved to the world she is more than just a bond girl. She gives the feel that gets your sympathy.

Mahershala Ali was not exactly the usual. Don’t get me wrong. He did a great job. But compared to what black actors got to do on screen before getting award nominations,  this isn’t really it. It feels good to see him get nominated for playing easy and smooth. I mean, if they ain’t going naked or playing slaves or doing twice the job they ain’t getting nominated. But this light performance is really deserving. And it feels good to see him get nominations. 

Asides the story,  the cinematography is nothing you have ever seen. 

Black has never looked beautiful in the dark. The editing and lighting and contrast just makes you want to be black skinned.

 This is beautiful piece of work. Nothing like you have ever seen before. That’s fact. 

Thanks for reading. 

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