Critics Choice. · Hollywood · Movie


This is literature come to life. 

I’ve seen many movies based on books and plays and whatnot but they end up loosing it literary basis and just basically become a movie. But this movie did a good job in preserving it’s literary feeling.

With an intense dialogue and static location with not so much vfx and sfx, you still get the feel that this is still the book talking.   

This movie is not for everyone. It’s for a grown up, book loving, playwrighting kind of audience that can seat for over an hour and let the power of a dialogue take them through the blue feeling of this drama

It follows a typical black family man in the mid 50s who is stuck between being the perfect man,  perfect husband and perfect father and perfect brother…  But forgets that the people around him are all just trying too,  the woman who is being a perfect wife and the son who is being a perfect child. But it all comes down to being human in the end.  

Love,  hate and good intentions in bad treatments is the theme of the entire story. 

The performance is just amazing.  If this isn’t Denzel Washingtons best performance I don’t know which.  He proved himself one more time he is worthy of all accolades. 

Voila Davis is just the goddess of art. Her silence of expression is worth an Oscar award. And when she speaks to deliver a line,  it’s perfection. 

This movie is a smooth safe ride.  Every Man and Woman should see this movie. 


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