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Hidden Message!!! Beyoncés babies names already revealed? (conspiracy)

Beyonce is not only telling you she is pregnant. She’s also telling you the sex of the babies and their names too. 

Let’s play a little detective. 

Beyonce flooded the internet a little after she had broken it with the news that she is pregnant with twins. 

With over 30 unusual baby photos it’s hard not to say she might be telling us a little more than just her pregnancy. 

What about the sex of the baby? 

Or even their names. 

She took to her site and released a whole lot of photos, and some from previous pregnancies and even some from her mum and Grandmum.

When she was pregnant with Blue 

When her mum was pregnant with her. We don’t know what the last word is but we see Mary Beyonce…   ‘Ogaga’? Well at least we see where she gets her extraness from.  Like mother like daughter. 

All the photos are indeed beautiful but cunning and weird.  Could all these extraness be a waste of is she really telling us something? 

This is what we think. And feel free to join in. 

It’s going to be a boy and a girl, judging from the blue shorts or whatever she’s wearing down there and a pink flowery knot on the hands of her bra. Or it could be twin girls judging from how extra feminine the photos look. Lol. 

And we are so damn sure it’s going to be her usual formula of naming. Judging from how Blue Ivy was named. First a color, then a flower. I mean judging from all the flowers in the scene we sure the names of the children already looking at us in the face.  

If only we know all the names of these flowers. 

The girls name could be 

“Pink Velvet” or “Red Rose🌹”

While the boy could be “Purple Ivy” “Orange Potato” lol. That didn’t make sense at all. 

We have no specific idea. But we think it’s going to be all colors and flowers. In the original picture above,  we see mostly Purple, white, yellow, pink,  and other weird colors we wouldn’t know exist until Beyonce uses them. 

On the long run this would go down in history. Or forgotten in no time? 

With the flowers Blue Ivy holding in her hands and the red and purple hair stones on her hair. We can coin the names of the baby out. Can we? 

Rosaline?  Rosavelt?  

Blue Ivy Hands her another flower that looks like a little Lily flower, well,  looks like one of the names going to be White Lily Cater, or Sanda Lily Sanda Lily.


Tough guess:

‘Lavender’ for the boy

Lily for the girl. 

Or RoseMary for the Girl 

And ‘Purple Herbiscus’ for the boy. Chimamanda will be so proud. 

We had a good time making this post,  hope you enjoyed it too?  Feel free to join us get the hidden messages from the photo. What are your thoughts? 


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