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10 artist that has never won a Grammy and may never win. 

Sometimes the Grammy has no idea what they are doing.  Sometimes they do.  Most times they really don’t. 

Here are 10 evidence that the Grammy is fucked up sometimes but still have a point though. 

10. Nas

Nas has pulled in 13 nominations without a single win.

OK. This is unjustified. Who had been winning then? 

 9.  Busta Rhymes 

Busta Rhymes has garnered 11 noms without a single win. 

Well,  apparently it takes more than bursting Rhymes to win a Grammy. Not surprised at all. 

 8.  Guns and roses 

It’s unclear what’s more of a crime — that Guns N’ Roses has never won an award, or that they’ve only been nominated three times.

The most popular rock band in the US of A has no Grammy?  OK bye. 

 7.   Spice girls

The pop group still haven’t received their first Grammy.

Lol…  Apparently the Spice wasn’t tasty enough. They should have added more.  

 6.   Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj has received 10 nominations throughout her career without a Win.

Her anaconda don’t want nothing that includes Grammy hun!!! OMG!!! 

 5.   Katy Perry

Katy Perry has received 13 nominations without a single win.

Why?  Fireworks didn’t win?  E.T? Roar?   Seriously. Grammy has personal issues with this babe. 

  4.  Notorious B. I. G

Despite four nominations, three of which were posthumous, the artist never won a Grammy.

Not so notorious after all. Maybe if he had taken off the tooth pick. Too late now. 

 3.  Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has a whopping 17 nominations and zero Grammys to call his own.

Still don’t know what he sang that gave him 17 nomination.  

 2.  Bob Marley

Marley took home a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001, but never won for either of his two nominations.

Two nominations?  Lol…  Here’s a reason why the Grammy has no idea what they are doing. 

 1.   2 pac

Tupac had seven Grammy nods without ever taking home the prize.

Biko, who come dey win ? I really need to know who won over him.  They must have been white.
Thanks for reading. 

Do let us know what you thought about this list.


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