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2017 Grammy Awards Prediction. (updated)

The Grammy is few days away and our prediction is few chances behind. 

Unlike other awards where it’s easy to guess the Grammy is just not it.  It’s never obvious who the winner is when it involves the Grammy’s, so for our prediction we have made it easier for us to be accurate. 

Take note on 

FR: Front Runner. (our first choice)

SG: Second Guess. ( Our 2nd choice)

ES: Expected Surprise (likely winner) 

Shall we? 

10. Best New Artist

 This is obviously between the Chain Smokers and Frank Ocean look alike Chance the rapper. And no,  we are not expecting any surprise. Due to the recent backlash of Grammy not being fair to young black artists (started by Frank Ocean, backed up by Drake, Kanye and White black boy Bieber)  the chances of Chance the rapper winning in this category is broadened but he has other categories to reconcile with however we will take no chances.  The Chain Smokers have been a hit and we don’t want to hold that considering how someone named Esperanza won Best New artist over back to back Justin Bieber during their time. Nonetheless we put our bet on the Chain smokers while second guessing at Chance the rapper. 

FR: The Chain Smokers 

SG: Chance the rapper  (WON) 

ES : none

9.  Best Pop vocal album

 I think it’s time for Sia. It will be really old if Adele takes this home.  But considering she’s not getting album of the year,  this could be her consolation. However Sia This is Acting is the most pop thing you would ever hear and so we are putting her as our  front runner and backing her up with Adele. But we expect a surprise from Bieber. The Purpose album was a good piece but he’s been a bad boy boycotting the Grammy’s so we are sure that could affect his chances.

FR:  Sia

SG:  Adele

ES:  Justin Bieber 

8.  Best Rap Album

 This is between Chance the Rapper and Drake. But we can’t underrate Kanye, just that his chances dropped when he endorsed Trump. Though Drake has been a little rude for boycotting  the Grammys for no reason. So,  there is enough time for the academy to change their mind.  Asides that, Drake is our front runner, while Chance the rapper is our second guess. 

FR:  Drake

SG:  Chance the rapper  (won) 

ES:  Dj Khaled

7.  Best Rnb performance 

  It’s sad we do not know too much or anything of the others asides Rhianna and Solange.  It’s a risky category to decide on but we would take it to be between Rihanna and Solange,  with Solange being our front runner and Rhianna being our second guess. We also predict being surprised by any one of them we do not know taking it home.  

FR: Solange (Won)

SG: Rhianna 

ES:  None

 6.  Best Music Video

 Formation!!! Bye y’all. But we also expect a surprise. Coldplay has a good chance as well. 

FR:  Formation (won) 

SG:  None

ES:   None

 5.   Best urban contemporary Album 

This is a Beyonce category.  She always win here but Rhianna seem to be losing in the other categories, maybe the Grammy will console her with this or simply console any of the other 3 Artists. 

FR:   Rhianna 

SG:   Lemonade  (won) 

ES:     None

 4.   Best pop duo performance 

This is the hardest category to decide.  Every single song here was a hit. But we are going to narrow it down to two. Cheap Trills and Stressed Out. Again Sia should take this home but 21 pilots and Lukas Graham are a big contenders. 

FR:    Sia ft Sean Paul 

SG:   Twenty One pilots  (won) 

ES:      Lukas Graham

 3.   Record of the year 

Lukas Graham Vs Twenty One Pilots ‘s Adele.  This is not so much a hard category nor an easy one but we rule out Beyonce and Rhianna on this.  Even if we don’t get the winner we are betting on the fact that it wouldn’t go to Formation or Work. 

FR: Adele (won) 

SG: Lukas Graham

ES:  Twenty one Pilots 

 2.  Song of the year 

This is close to impossible to predict. But we just have to. Song of the year.  Personally,  Formation and Hello was the popular song of the year but that’s me and my problem, what does the Grammy academy think?

For a fair fact every song here was the song of the year to their respective audience but who should go home with this award. 

Honestly speaking, if Justin Bieber wasn’t so nasty and black he should be deserving of this award but from the look of things his chances are cut short. Beyonce is pregnant,  chances are high.  Adele is still British… Chances always high. The other two are white and new,  yea..  High chance. 

FR: Hello (won) 

SG: 7 years

ES: Love Yourself 

 1.   Album of the year

FR: Beyonce  (Lost) 

SG: Beyonce.  (Lost)

ES: BeeHive to burst bottle and scatter the entire show if Beyonce doesn’t win!!!

Thanks for reading. 

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