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​THE ANGEL – Episode 2

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“yes?” I said.


“A couple of days later she was doing some weeding when the message boy arrived and again he gave the paper into her hand and went off whistling ‘The Saints Come Marching In’. This time she didn’t even glance at the headlines until she got into the house and had poured herself a cup of chilled water . When she did pick up the paper she was so surprised she dropped the paper, and when she caught hold of herself she picked it up and glanced at it again, the headline had changed again.” “what was the headline?” I asked. The girl sipped her gin, presumably for dramatic effect. “My aunt’s name is Joyce Black,” she said, “….and the headline read ‘Joyce Black is Blessed.’ When she had picked up the paper it read ‘Country at unrest,’ but my aunt was quite sure that she had not misread the words the first time. She has twenty-twenty vision and does a lot of needlework. Anyway she had hardly put the paper down when the phone rang and she answered it, and a man said, ‘This is Radio 93.1fm,’ or something like that, ‘and if you can answer the following question you will receive 30 thousand naira. Are you ready for the question?’ My aunt in a daze said, ‘Yes,’ more because she couldn’t think of anything else to say than for any other reason, and the man said, ‘What is the tune that we have been playing every hour on the hour between our broadcast today?’ and my aunt replied automatically, without any thought at all, ‘The Saints Come Marching In’ and she was right, and another man took down her address, and she decided she needed something stronger than water and poured herself a glass of vodka.

“Two swallows don’t make summer- or at least that’s what my aunt says- so the following day she was out in the garden waiting for the message boy and what might prove to be the third swallow at least half an hour before the usual time. When he did arrive she practically grabbed the paper from his hand and glanced down at the front page. ‘Joyce Black the Impatient woman’ it said , ‘Bow Down Humbly.’ My aunt says that, for the first time in forty years, she blushed and when she said thank you to the message boy she did actually bow, just a little. She felt like a fool she said,  bowing to the message boy, but then he might not be a message boy at all so it was worth the embarrassment.
To be continued…….


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