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Being Chimezie 1


    My names are Collins Chimezie Chukwuede. I’m 21. I think I’d describe myself as an ambicious, resilient person. I’m jovial and fun to be with but always serious when there’s a need for that. And I am a goal keeper. 

    Life as a goalkeeper is the best because a lot of people are looking up to you. That’s why you are the last line of defence. Everyone praises for the saves you make and you always have to be ready to accept cricisms because it’s part of life.

    I dream of playing in Europe soon enough and always for Nigeria.


    “It’s a detached position. We don’t wear the same shirt, we have gloves, we play with our hands. It’s a position of great responsibility and it is through that responsibility that we manage to find pleasure in the position. It’s why we feel so important and decisive in matches.”Ever since I was a small boy growing up in Enugu , diving across the ground, I’ve always loved the position. I think it’s something innate – that love of diving around, of throwing yourself in front of attackers; it’s not something that can be taught.”I have always been willing to suffer to get to the level i desire . But I am also a player, and I like to come out and play with my team-mates. A modern goalkeeper must also be an outfield player.”When we’re younger, We are more isolated from the group. There are no coach for the goalkeepers so we all just train together. It is only when you start developing to the professional  game that you begin to have about 30 or 40 minutes of specific goalkeeping training before joining the rest of the group.”The daily life of the ‘keeper has changed a bit. We feel like we’re in another group, one just between us.”


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